me… October 9, 2011

I’m Ulfa,

Actually I’m an ordinary teacher only, but I try to be a great teacher, with great value.

My family, my friends, my Class, n my students are my big experience, my big challenge, n my big story. I care bout them, because I can learn so many things from it, n I try to make me n them better than before.

Just enjoy my site ok!


4 Responses to “me…”

  1. Malikussaid Says:


    Berantem sama Ummu nyari ni website.

    Alamatnya pake titik Bu, bukan at (@).
    Kan ini website, bukan email -__-

    Semakin terbuka saja~ e-Learning sekarang? Atau gimana Bu?

  2. vura Says:

    miss ulfa fotonya bagus lohh,,,

  3. ulfayustiany Says:

    @vura: thx ya sayang… koq ga ikutan lomba jembatan keledai?

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